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12″ Blade
Nice & Modern Designed
Convenient and Easy to Clean
3 Speed Level with Remote Control
Adjustable Height as Needed
Durable Motor by Metal ball bearing
Automatic cut- off by Thermal Fuse
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General Details & Features MIRA Fan M-19

2 air force levels adjustable

Turbocharged air force with high quality motor

It’s easy to move around. Easy to use, set, place or hang.

With automatic power cut thermo fuse When the temperature is abnormally hot, to prevent the danger of fire.

Motor bearing use Special bearing automatic self lubrication without lubricant or grease

All fans have undergone thorough quality inspections from expert inspectors, manufactured from iso 9001 certified factories.

Certified by TIS 934-2558 (2015)

How to assemble and use MIRA fan M-19

Plug the power into a 220V 50Hz electrical outlet.

The wind force can be adjusted to the needs (staggering).

OFF means off.

LO means light wind.

HI means strong winds.

Safety & Precautions MIRA Fan M-19

Such goods are suitable only for home or residential use.

Do not insert your fingers or objects into the fan while the fan is running.

Do not inject mosquitoes. Hairstyling spray or cleaning spray into the fan body

Fans should not be used in high-demand areas. Near the fire, there’s a lot of chemicals, bringing it or dust.

If there is a shock inside the motor Switch panels, plugs or wires should be sent to the repair specialist. Repairs should not be carried out on their own.

Cleaning and maintenance

– Always cut off the electrical circuit before cleaning.

– Do not use fan cleaning chemicals such as thinner, gasoline or chemical reagents.

– Be careful not to switch, motor or electric equipment.

– Use a damp cloth or gently rubbing soap.

– Always clean the propeller and front and rear grilles.

– If the electrical equipment is damaged, it should be sent to a technician who specializes in repairing it.


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