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Capsule cutter Quatre, the mise en place of cooking, of course, is a food processor that can enjoy a variety of handmade Suites. Hard foods also quickly crushed, such as fruit, which was commercially available ice Ya frozen in a powerful four blade . Because there is no need to replace the attachment, such as in all of the work “break-mix, knead, crush, chop” if Quatre, you can use at any time easily. Powerful motor per minute 24500 rotation With a cover that has the silicon parts of the backflow prevention, it can also operate in putting liquid Switch hands-slip rubber coating. Sharp stainless steel blade adoption of sharpness By four of the blade is rotated at a powerful motor, the ingredients were placed in a cup can be chopped-paste Spadework of dishes is a matter of course, it can be cooked until hard rock ice and frozen fruit You can handmade well as fluffy shaved ice and fruit 100% of the healthy gelato Can make a variety of original Suites depending on the arrangement and mix and frozen fruit and ice cream

Capsule Cutter Quatre All in One

Product details of Capsule Cutter Quatre:

Rated voltage: 100 V (50 / 60 Hz) / power consumption: 200 W

Size: width of about 110 mm depth height 233 mm

Weight: about 1.04 kg

The amount of the standard: 200 gm (up to a cup of MAX line)

Made in China


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